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We have a quick announcement to make regarding Subscriptions.

Unfortunately, due to a recent string of fraudulent refunds and other illegal activities, we’re going to have to make changes to the way Subscription Tokens work starting April 1st, 2019. This is not a decision we make lightly, as part of the design intent behind Subscriptions was to make them an active part of the economy, but their continued use in committing fraud cannot be ignored.

As such, a new form of subscription tokens will be acquired when you purchase a Subscription from the Store starting on the 1st of April onwards and these will be untradeable.

What will happen to my current tokens?

Any “old” tokens you were able to obtain before April 1st will still be available to players for trades and use. The old subscription tokens currently in the Store will be discontinued from the 1st of April.

What will be the perks for the new subscription tokens?

It will still have the exact same perks, they will just be untradeable. Both “old” and “new” tokens will make you able to enter the draw for the monthly subscriber item for example.

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