Getting Your First Locks

>>> There’s no easy way to do this. Go to the world BUYBFG and look for someone who is saying “Free BFG at [wherever]” and then go there, find the magplant (the blue block which looks like it has another block inside of it), wrench it, click get remote, and start getting those gems. Once you have 200, leave the world. If you’re an overachiever, go for 500.

Locking Your World

>>> Go to a world, preferably not your username as you’d want to save the world for a later time. Go to like [Name]’s[Farm] or whatever and buy a big lock/huge lock (click the red gem on the side of your screen, then find locks and stuff) and place it right on top of the white door. Next, what you wanna do is break the dirt and cave background in your world, just enough to get about 2 of each seed. The growtorial thing might give it to you, idk. It should also tell you how to use doors. Do that in your world. (Forgot to mention, if you have 1 world lock never use it to lock your world, wait till you have maybe 3?)

Starting Up Your Business

>>> This is the hard part. Knowing what to do and when is quite a challenge, especially for fresh noobs (not like, in a mean way) who just entered this 2D pixelated MMORPG. Many people will suggest you farm, but really there are better ways. For instance, farming grass isn’t really that good because lots of people do this. I’d really recommend farming bricks. Start by splicing 5 seeds, I think it’s rock and dirt. (Growtorial says what splicing is right?) Then, here comes the boring part. Farm it until you have around 100 seeds. When you have that, head on over to the world BUYBRICK and try selling those seeds. Probably shouldn’t take too long. Now you have your very first shiny world lock! If that was hard work, it paid off, but know there is much more hard work to come and you just gotta stick through it.

Spending Your First Wl

>>> Now, there are two paths, this one, and the section below. This one requires more work but will provide a bigger reward. If you are still reading this part, continue farming brick seeds until you have earned 1 more worlds lock (aka wl), now, go to BUYPICKAXE and DO NOT BUY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE. Check for cheap sellers, and take that big lock/huge lock off of your world, use a world lock on your world, and buy that pickaxe! It’s a huge help. Continue this for as much time as you have in your day, but only one day. It gets boring. (btw only buy the pickaxe once lol just keep amassing some wls)

>>> Aight, so your lazy or maybe you’re interested in the game and just don’t have the time today. Cool. Go to BUYPEPPER and buy yourself some pepper seeds. DO NOT BUY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE. Do not buy some until you see someone else buy, and look at what price they bought it for, and look for a similar or better price. Then, go to your world, move about 5 blocks away from the edge of your lock, and start planting! They’ll be done in about a day so come back tomorrow and break them, get the seeds (which should have increased), and repeat!

Becoming More Efficient

>>> Well, you’re not super lazy or maybe just determined if you made it this far. Now, if you took path one, you probably have about 3-5 wls and a pickaxe. Nice! Now, go to BUYPINBALL and DO NOT BUY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE. Look around, see how much other buyers are buying blocks for. Then, spend your wls on those pinballs. Break, plant, harvest repeat. Boring, but you’ve gotten this far haven’t ya?!

>>> If you followed path two, you probably have 2-3k gems, and maybe 200 pepper seeds. Now, buy a huge lock, go to BUYPICKAXE, and DO NOT BUY FROM THE VENDING MACHINE. Try to find a seller for one pickaxe for one huge lock, and this will greatly improve your breaking speed.

Lazier Profitting

>>> This is where the paths merge. You’ve been gaming hard, accumulating tons of wls and now here you are, with your first 10-12 world locks. Go to GEIGER (rip buygeiger) and look at the prices. Try to find one as cheap as you can to preserve your hard work. Buy one, preferably the charged one (green not red) and buy it, carefully checking your trade. Now that you have it, go to small worlds, for example, the one I use, GEIGERSEARCH. Now, start roaming the world and the geiger will start making colored circles. Red, yellow, then green. The faster the green circles appear, the closer you are. See, you won’t get a crystal every time, but when you do, red, green, and blue crystals are all worth one world lock each. If you got a black or white crystal, nice! That’s about 30-35 wls. You just tripled your net worth! Once you get your crystal, go to BUYCRYSTAL and starting selling. You can’t talk (which you will learn with experience why), but just look for people who aren’t spamming crystals on the ground and just take the time to find a buyer. You can use a geiger once every 30 minutes, but in order for it to charge after use, you need to keep it in your hand without taking it off for 30 minutes, not straight. You can world hop, farm, whatever, even log off and log on later, just don’t take it off. Wrench yourself to see how much it’s charged.

Congratulations! You’ve left the nest and can fly on your own! What you do with those wls you get are up to you. Farm more, buy some cool stuff, who knows? I really hoped this guide helped, but lastly, beware of scammers. Here are some things you should do:
1) Stay away from Vending Machines. NEVER. Wherever. A buy world, no. Certainly not a world where you can’t talk. Never, ever, ever, use them. If you’re asking why, usually in BUY+ Worlds they are overpriced for the owner’s profit, or in a muted world you’re gonna get scammed by quick price changes.
2) Stay away from Donation Boxes. You just started! Who are you donating to? Never donate your stuff, even if it may seem like you’re gonna get a better prize, you won’t. My friend, that’s called a scam.
3) Carefully check your trades, never be to quick to use your wls or items.

Thanks to Ryanx99 for writing this beatiful guide.

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