Nekorei’s Mentor and Apprentice Program guide:

How can I become a Mentor?
You can become a mentor by purchasing the Mentorship Certificate from the store and consuming it. Note that only players who are level 20 or above can become a mentor.

How can I invite a Growtopian to be my Apprentice?
You can wrench a Growtopian who is between Levels 1-3 and select “Add Apprentice” to send a request for them to join your mentorship program. Note that Growtopians above Level 3 cannot be added as an apprentice.

How many apprentices can I add?
As a mentor you can only add 1 apprentice per day and a maximum of 50 active apprentices at a time.

How do I get mentor tickets?
You will receive mentor tickets when your apprentices consume their apprentice tickets upon reaching the following level requirements:

  • Level 1
  • Level 5
  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 30

How can I claim rewards?
You can claim milestone rewards by helping apprentices reach Level 20 and above. The more apprentices you have, the more milestone rewards you can claim. Simply click on the “Claim” button, the reward/s will automatically go to your inventory.

Can I transfer rewards?
Yes you can.

Will I be able to remove apprentices?
Yes. As a mentor, you can remove apprentices from the mentorship program. An apprentice can also leave the mentorship program if they choose to.
NOTE: Once your apprentice reach Level 30, you will not be able to remove him/her and can only archive the apprentice.

I already have 50 apprentices but I want to mentor more players. How do I do this?
You can archive an apprentice when they reach Level 30 or above. Archiving apprentices removes the apprentice from your “Active Apprentices List” and allows you to add more.


How can I be an Apprentice?
As an apprentice you can only be added by a mentor if you are between “Level 1-3”. If you are above “Level 3” you cannot be an apprentice.

How will I know that I am being invited to be an Apprentice?
When a potential mentor sends you a request to join their mentorship program, you will receive a chat console message informing you of the same.

What should I do if I get a request to join a mentorship program?
Accept the invitation by wrenching the player and selecting the “Add as Mentor” option.

How many mentors can I have?
You can only have 1 mentor at a time.

How can I get Apprentice Tickets?
You will receive “Apprentice Tickets” upon reaching the level requirements. When you consume the ticket you will receive a reward, the next “Apprentice Ticket” and also send your mentor a “Mentor Ticket”.

What are the Level Requirements to get Apprentice Tickets?

  • Level 1
  • Level 5
  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 30

Can I remove a mentor and leave his mentorship program?
Yes you can.
– You cannot become another mentor’s apprentice for 7 Days after leaving your current mentor!
– You cannot leave a mentor once you reach Level 20.

How can I become a Mentor after being an apprentice? I feel that this has already been answered in the first question under “Mentor”?
You have to reach Level 20 and above first then purchase “Mentorship Certificate” before you can become a mentor and have your own apprentices.

At which point do I complete the “Mentorship Program”?
When you reach Level 30 you have successfully completed your “Mentorship Program”!

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