March 15th St. Patrick’s Week!
Dear Growtopians,
Get ready for all the green you can handle and many merry jigs as we celebrate St. Patrick with brand-new items and lots of luck!
For the bold among you, visit worlds BLARNEY1 through BLARNEY9 to test your parkour prowess! Also, important note: We’ve changed how the Daily Challenge works for Blarney Worlds: Repeating the same world over and over won’t give you more points past the first run – now you’ll have to complete at least SIX unique Blarney worlds before you can get points from one you’ve already finished!
– The Growtopia Team

Yes, the expected St. Patrick Event is added to the game. Then what do you stand for? Check out now.

We will also make a share of the newly added items soon.

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